Thursday, October 25, 2007

BVS Kits are in and They Look Good

If you have ordered your kit - stop by the beach (pay up) and get your kit

Jerseys are $ 65.00

Bib Shorts are $ 70.00

Skin Suits are $ 90.00

BVS CAT 5 Team makes its Debut in Palaka

The day was Hot (we knew it was going to be), the field was big (we knew it would be at max), what we did not know is that the locals were going to put tacks down on the course and the event was running two hours behind schedule. The course was laid out with a significant climb to the finish line. This meant anyone carrying some extra lbs was not going to have a chance. Shawn Oday and Jarred Weegmann were the team's best shot. After one lap a solo break was up the road. On lap three BVS moved to the front to limit the time of the break and bring some back. Near the climb Jarred and Shawn got in a 6 person break about the time Kevin and Tony had enough (Kevin had done the majority of the work for the last lap and Tony is fat and out of shape). Tony had mentally shut down after seeing all the riders from the previous race in the ambulance getting IVs. The break did not stick and it was going to come down to a field sprint. In the last corner Jarred got hung up behind a nasty crash. He had to sprint to get a place and came in at 13th. Shawn made it through, however he did not realize that he could use the whole road on the last lap and got jammed up for 5th place. Shawn Francis road well and finished. We are all proud of the guys who went down to brave the 100+ heat and race this event for BVS. We are looking forward to a great winter of training. Look for information to come on some winter training seminars and rides.
We will get better through the winter and be a force in CAT 4 next year. The plan is to keep a steady flow of CAT 5 riders through to CAT 4 and then get a nice group of CAT 3. With the presence of ABRT (our CAT 1,2 elite team), BVS is moving in the right direction for a successful event.